Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Close to its customers’ needs and evolving in a rapidly changing world, Chochoy Conseil has developed five areas of expertise supported by proven methodologies.

Operational support

Adopting a systematic approach we first define the business’s assets and then proceed to develop its offers. Working with our clients we improve commercial operations by analysing feedback, evaluating the results and managing performance.

Pooling service & global offer

As a natural extension of our operational support, through our expertise several offers can be pooled to create a comprehensive offer with significant added value. Focusing on a target market impacts a broader ecosystem and optimises business activity.

Distribution networks

We have our own distribution networks within France and abroad. We are also able to create new networks as part of an overall global offer and to manage every aspect.

Training in business restructuring

As an integral part of Chochoy’s history and DNA, our training expertise enables us to build tailor-made programs. Our training courses are based on commercial methodologies that use a systemic approach based on innovative schematic representations allowing for a rapid capitalization of teaching and a better assimilation.

Logo de certification Qualiopi

Our trainings are  Qualiopi certified (consult our certificate here)

Training has always been a core focus of Chochoy Conseil. We offer training in the commercial restructuring of businesses.

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Recruiting talents

Close to your concerns, when you have identified your needs, we offer you our professional support to find the best matching talents for you. (direct approach linked to results).

With more than 400 recruitments, we are proud to share a 80% success rate among the candidates that we presented to our clients and that were actually hired. This allows our clients to save time and benefit from our expertise.